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Sri Annapurna Agencies is based at chikmagalur, which is the hub of coffee plantations and agricultural operations to equip the agriculture and plantations with latest technology in spraying, weeding & agricultural operations. We have built our business through strong and long standing relationship with our manufacturers. We believe we are an extension of our business partners and fully represent their brands, as our partners would do themselves. Sri Annapurna Agencies demonstrates the ability to be innovative and respond to planter’s demands and requirements in the field of agriculture, plantation and business. We have delivered quality products for a decade with awards & recognition to prove it. Sri Annapurna Agencies is now a leading distributor for Agricultural mechanization equipments, with its time tested approach for creating values for our customers. We can provide a range of comprehensive products to a wide spectrum of end users. We recognise the value of partnerships and so do our customers & manufactures with whom we have grown. We respect their relationship and wish to carry them forward by providing the kind of one to one personalised service. Our technical knowledge gained by expertise in the field of agriculture, plantation business has helped our customers to solve problems which in turn has also reduced the time and cost of the entire procurement process.


The vision of Sri Annapurna Agencies is to lead the agricultural and coffee plantations sector by becoming the most versatile equipments supplier in anticipation of planters needs which works now and also build the future.To offer a unique combination of highly knowledgeable sales staff, superior quality products unsurpassed customer service. To offer latest innovative products and many advantages to agriculturist and coffee planters, strategically focused to expand grow nationwide.